Ongoing Support Services

It is the role of the clinical social worker to help build the foundation of comfort and safety of seniors.

This care includes:

Ongoing Assessment
As part of our ongoing services, we will visit our client once a week or once a month as a preventive measure, to look for overall changes that often occur in nutrition, physical agility and cognition. We also watch closely for signs of social isolation. This objective perspective is important, because our professionals will recognize subtle changes that can be difficult to pick up, and will adjust services accordingly in order to reduce the likelihood of a crisis.

Patient Advocacy
Our Care Managers continually advocate and mediate on behalf of our clients. It is helpful to have a single source of contact for important medical and legal documents, as well as insurance information. We can assist with any dealings our clients may have with hospitals and doctors, advocating for the patient and providing insight to doctors regarding changes with the patient’s physical or cognitive condition. We also serve as an additional set of eyes and ears, listening to what medical advice is given and communicating any changes to family members and caregivers.

Family Mediation
We know that family stress accompanies the challenges of aging. Often family members disagree on the best course of action to take, or can be too close to the situation to be objective. Through family mediation, we offer objective, professional assistance to help steer the family through the many decisions they are facing, identify appropriate options and help the family decide the most appropriate course of action for the ultimate well-being of the older adult, and peace of mind of the family.

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