LIFe Mentor Job Description

Position & Purpose: Mentor a refugee high school student from the Springfield area for the 2019-2020 school year. (Option to extend.) Serve as a role model, advocate, teacher, coach, and supportive friend.

● Commit to building a supportive, patient relationship with a refugee youth
● Participate in 1.5-hour mentor orientation and training session in Fall 2019
● Meet in-person with mentee 6 hours/month throughout the academic year
● Explore and initiate outings and activities in response to mentee’s expressed interests and needs
● Provide community, educational, and career-related resources to mentee
● Work with mentee to practice English, as needed
● Complete brief online log each week to record time spent with mentee and stories
● Communicate with coordinator if any concerns or problems arise

● Strong interest in serving as a supportive, steady presence in a young refugee’s life
● Ability to empathize and understand a young person from a different culture
● Ability to actively listen and respond to the interests and concerns of a young person
● Desire to learn from, about, and with a refugee youth
● Ability to commit 6 hours/month (typically 3 times/month) to meet with your mentee
● A history of having positive intercultural experiences and positive experiences with teenagers, a plus
● Age 25+

Length of Commitment:
Mentor must commit to full academic year. (May be extended if mentor and mentee agree.)

To apply, please click here.

For more information, please contact Janet Kaplan-Bucciarelli at