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Our case management programs have been growing tremendously with the incredible help of volunteers. We run an Afghan women’s group to provide social support and extended cultural orientation for recently arrived Afghan evacuees. Regular volunteers provide activities for the children while the women are learning English and participating in the group. Without them, the group would not be possible!
The group recently went on a field trip to CVS and volunteers helped organize the group on our short walk and entertain the children while their moms learned about over the counter medications and first aid kits. In addition, volunteers have accompanied clients to medical appointments and have passionately advocated for them. Volunteers have been essential in making sure clients get to appointments and classes, and know how to use public transportation effectively. Some volunteers have been mentors to our clients connecting them to their local community, and ensuring they have access to community resources. This year we have been able to expand our ability to support clients through case management, and we could not have done it without our volunteers!