Guardianship and Conservatorship Services

JFS works closely with the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and Massachusetts Protective Service units to care for elders that are in need of a guardian and/or conservator.

The elders are referred by Elder Affairs when an elder can no longer make decisions or care for themselves. JFS is the only agency in Western Massachusetts that provides Guardian and Conservator services for elders in need that are referred through Elder Affairs.                                                                 


The elders that are referred to JFS have no family that can assume the role of guardian for various reasons. Staff in the Guardianship program, ensure that the elders needs are met with dignity and respect. Once an elder is referred to the JFS Guardianship Program, JFS works with the legal system to not only meet the needs of the client but to provide advocacy and a feeling of family to each and every elder in the program. 


Often the elders referred through EOEA to the JFS Guardianship Program are also in need of a conservator. As conservator the elder’s income and assets are used to provide the best possible life and care for the elder. It is the role of JFS to act in the best interest of the elder by utilizing funds for the elder, and protecting them from any financial loss. 

For more information, contact Ann Carson, Elder Guardianship Program Director.

Phone: 413.737.2601, x.115