Rent to Refugees

Rent to Refugees

Refugees come to the US fleeing instability, and crave a place to call home where they can raise their families in safety. Refugees make stable, reliable, and long-term tenants. One of the most pressing needs refugees have upon arrival is housing. JFS helps find refugees their first apartment, orients them, and is with them every step of the way as they become a part of our community – and become reliable tenants. JFS will act as an interpreter if the family does not speak English well, and will be available if any issues arise.


Why rent to refugees?

As one long-time refugee landlord in Springfield put it “I’m Italian — my parents are off the boat. English was our second language. I’m a Springfield resident and I’ve been a property manager renting to refugees for the past 15 years with JFS. I stand with great pride and support of the work that Jewish Family Services does to assist refugees. My tenants amaze me. They speak seven languages! I challenge anybody to go to a foreign country with very little in their pocket and very little resources and make a life for themselves…” 

  • JFS is there to support your tenants. Unlike many renters looking for affordable units, refugees come with a support system already in place. JFS makes sure they can afford their rent, make sure they are financially stable and on their feet when renting an apartment from an area landlord.
  • Refugees are safe. They are the most vetted immigrant group to enter the US – they have passed background checks from the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Homeland Security. You can be sure that refugees are fleeing insecurity, and seeking a safe place to live with their family.
  • If you have multiple properties and are a good landlord, refugees are likely to refer friends to stay in other units. This will bring other stable renters and help develop a good rapport that will make life easier as a landlord.
  • Refugees are hard working, they want to make a living, they want to pay rent and be financially responsible. Refugees have spent year, decades, or generations fleeing persecution and violence, often surviving on the generosity of UN agencies. They are ready to take responsibility, find stability, and contribute to their new community – including paying rent!


You can help us with healing the world. Call Alda Balbino, Refugee Resettlement Coordinator 413-737-2601 or email