Initial Resettlement

JFS stands with refugees from initial resettlement through integration.

JFS, in partnership with HIAS and with the Massachusetts Office of Refugees and Immigrants, provides wrap-around support to refugees and asylees to help them feel settled and at-home in Western Massachusetts. Every new refugee that is resettled is served as a “New American” – a future US citizen who contributes to the culture, economy, and future of our community. JFS has the following programs to serve New American families. All programs are open and accepting referrals.

Employment Services: Finding a job and advancing in career are fundamental to financial stability and independence. Learn more about how JFS assists refugees to thrive in the workplace here. Join us and employ refugees here.

Adult Education: All people deserve equitable learning opportunities. Learning English is a foundational step to accessing education, opening the door for higher education and expanding options to pursue a career. Learn more about how JFS ensures refugees have opportunities to learn and the language skills to start a new life.

Intensive Case Management: JFS believes in the capacity of every person to thrive, and believes that specialized services are needed to address the complex needs of individuals – particularly for those with more complex barriers to independence, such as medical or mental health issues. Learn more about specialized support for New Americans with barriers to independence and self-sufficiency.

Support for Elder Refugees: JFS provides specialized support to connect our eldest New Americans to appropriate services, trouble shoot issues, reduce isolation, and foster community connections. Learn more about how we serve New American elders.

Youth Services: Youth arrive in the U.S. with a set of goals, skills, and an inherent desire to succeed. However, they need a supportive, culturally-informed environment in order to fully thrive as New Americans. Learn more about how JFS supports refugee youth and their parents.

All services are delivered by multicultural, multilingual staff. JFS has staff bilingual in these languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, Burmese, Karen, Thai,  Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda,  French, Nepali (for Bhutanese refugees), Somali, Dari and Farsi.


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