Employ Refugees

Employing refugees makes business sense:

  • 73% of employers had a higher retention rate employing refuges compared to other employees, according to a study by FPI. High retention means less training, onboarding and loyal employees.
  • A study by MPI showed that nearly half of refugees arrive with a college degree. Regardless of education level, refugees come seeking a better life and are willing to work hard to reach their goals. 
  • A diverse workforce brings strength. According to a study by McKinsey, diverse business outperform industry medians by 35%. 
  • Hiring refugees may qualify the employer for government incentive programs.

Not only does employing refugees make business sense, it helps qualified, passionate, and hard-working individuals get opportunities to help them thrive in their new home. JFS matches employers with qualified employees without a finder’s fee or any financial cost for the employer. JFS will work with employers to ensure employees are trained and ready for employment opportunities, and help problem solve any emerging issues.

Refugees are work authorized by the US government upon arrival to the country. They have a Social Security number within three weeks of entering the country and are future US citizens. For more information on refugees right to work, see: https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/guides/D2en.pdf

Hi Tatyana,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the whole team at Jewish Family Services.  We have been working with you to fill some of the many open positions we have at all three of our restaurants.  The individuals you send over are some of the best employees we have ever had.  They are all professional, eager to learn, hard working and great team players.

And while you always thank us for employing them and giving them a great first chance in our wonderful country, we feel like we should thank you and Jewish Family Services for making our team better and stronger with the addition of the individuals you send to us.

I look forward to continuing working with you in the future.  And as always, send me anyone new looking for work!

Best regards,
Ralph Santaniello
The Federal Restaurant Group

The Federal Restaurant & Bar, Catering, 135 Cooper Street, Agawam, MA
Posto by The Federal, Longmeadow Shops, 674 Bliss Road, Longmeadow, MA
Vinted Wine Bar & Kitchen, Blue Back Square, 63 Memorial Road, West Hartford, CT

If you anticipate job openings or would like to hire refugees in the future, please contact the JFS Employment Coordinator, Tatyana Abashina, at t.abashina@jfswm.org.

Download Refugee Employment Flyer.

If you would like to partner with JFS to design a work training program to prepare refugees for work in your industry, please contact the JFS Adult Learning Coordinator, Syonara Tomoum, at s.tomoum@jfswm.org

    JFS does a wonderful job connecting whatever talents a person has with the many companies they work with.  Just this December we had our very first hire from JFS celebrate his 6th year with our company!

    I would highly recommend giving JFS and Tatyana, JFS Employment Coordinator, a shot to place a new employee on your team.  I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

    Jeremie Kadzik,