Document Locator & Blueprint for Aging

Tools to help you or your loved one live a happy, fulfilled life.

The Document Locator is a booklet designed by the JFS Older Adults staff.  The purpose of the Document Locator is to help adults identify and organize their most essential documents. The Document Locator  captures and keeps a record of where your financial, legal, health related and personal documents are stored.

The Blueprint for Aging by Choice was created to provide an opportunity for older adults to design a life plan. This plan is a tool which helps individuals identify and honor their wishes and maintain their independence as they age. The Blueprint for Aging by Choice educates and provides an awareness of resources needed to ensure a positive life experience.


If you have questions or want to discuss any of these topics further, please contact Cathy Chandler, LICSW, Clinical Social Worker.

Phone: 413-737-2601