Support our work in Western Massachusetts! Volunteer support is crucial to our work and the long-term success and wellness of our community. We also have Internship Opportunities. Click here for Internship Opportunities.

From appointment accompaniment to English conversation practice, elder visitation, and job mentorship, volunteers play an important role in supporting JFS staff and our clients. We invite you to join our team and experience it for yourself!  

Volunteer Opportunities


  • Child Minding – Women’s ESL Groups
  • Digital Literacy Coach
  • English Language Tutor
  • Housing Host
  • In-Kind Volunteer
  • Refugee Medical and Transporation Advocate
  • Refugee Youth Mentor
  • Soccer Coach Volunteer
  • Support for New Arrivals
  • Transportation Support Volunteer
  • Other

Scroll down to learn more about each of these volunteer opportunities. If you have a volunteer opportunity in mind that’s not on the list please let us know. 

To volunteer with JFS, please fill out the form below. You will be contacted shortly after submitting your application. Due to the recent high number of volunteer applications we have been receiving, there may be a delay in our response time. Thanks you in advance for your patience.

Child Minding – Women’s Groups

As a volunteer in the Early Literacy Program, responsibilities include supervising kids (ages 0-4 years old) in an educational and fun way! Time Commitment: 2 hours per week–minimum 1-3 days a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, 10am-12pm

Position Details:

    Position: Child Minding – Women’s Groups
    ESL Early Literacy, New American Program
    Hours: 2 hours per week, mininum, 1-3 days a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 10am-12pm
    Location:  Springfield, Forest Park Library
    Reports to:
      Youth and Adult Learning Coordinator

    Description of Role: As a volunteer in the early literacy program, responsibilities include supervising kids (age 0-4 years old) in an educational and fun way! There will generally be themes of the week, where the kids will learn vocabulary relating to those themes. The coordinator of the program will also have activities planned, but it is the role of the volunteers to carry it out. The way the schedule has been set up includes: learning vocabulary, stations with various forms of free-play that tend to be educational such as matching, movement activities, craft activities to teach kids motor skills relating to the theme, as well as lunch with an educational video. With every hard process, the reward is a beautiful one. We have seen many of these kids go from not speaking a word of English to communicating and holding some form of conversation with us. By consistently showing up for them on the days we commit to, as well as being present for them, we will without a doubt see a great level of growth throughout the duration of the program.

    Requirements for the role:

    • Ability to develop connections with the kids and work closely with them to develop the skills needed to adapt in America.
    • Ability to teach kids to follow instructions, practicing with the English language, and having a structured program allows that development to grow. The level of interaction the volunteers are able to provide directly increases the quality of learning and growth seen in the kids.
    • Ability to move around with kids and perform activities with them for the two hours
    • Willingness to be patient with the kids, and adjust to their needs
    • Having enthusiastic, kind, and patient attitude
    • Ability to have fun and enjoy the process of learning with the kids!

    In our first ESL programs for Afghan women, they were having difficulty with their classes–where they learn ESL and important skills for life in America–because they had kids they could not leave at home. After being made aware of this problem, we developed and initiated an early literacy program for their children. During the two hours these women spend learning, volunteers focus on supervising the kids. Since incorporating this program for the children, the women have improved their learning skills dramatically. The early literacy program for their childern allows the women to both show up to their scheduled classes instead of staying at home to watch the kids, and also helps them to focus during their lessons, with Child-Minding volunteers playing that huge role for them.

    English Language Tutor

    ENL (English New Language) tutors are matched with one or more learners to meet virtually to go through online language classes, practice core skills, and learn digital literacy. Click here for our flyer! Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per week–minimum 2 days a week

    Position Details:

      Position: English Language Tutor
      ESL Coaching Program, Adult Education, New American Program
      Hours: 2 to 3 hours per week, mininum 2 days a week
      Location:  Virtual online, and/or in-person Springfield or Pittsfield
      Reports to:
        Youth and Adult Learning Coordinator

      Individual language coaches are matched with one or more learners to meet virtually to go through online language classes, practice core skills, and learn digital literacy. Language Coaches can teach in-person, or remotely from anywhere, and form strong bonds with learners as they’re getting on their feet. JFS is actively searching for Coaches to join our team and impact adult learners as they transition to their new home, and transition to work.


        • Must have 5 years of teaching experience or a TESOL certification
        • Meet with mentees one on one or in small groups of five to six students.
        • Able to meet with students at least 2 times a week

        Housing Host

        Housing Hosts welcome a refugee family into their home for a short period of time until the family is able to find a job and rent an apartment. Time Commitment: 2 to 16 weeks

        Position Details:

        Newly arriving refugee clients face financial challenges, along with the problem of securing affordable housing especially in this difficult housing market. Housing Hosts welcome refugee families into their homes for a short period of time while the family finds employment and an apartment to rent. Housing Hosts will be meeting a family from a different culture with a different background. Qualified hosts need a separate space for the family, with willingness to adjust to the new living situation. 

        In-Kind Volunteer

        In-Kind Volunteers help sort and organize donated items to furnish apartments for newly arriving refugees.  Time Commitment: 2 to 4 hours per week, Tuesday 1-3pm, Friday 10am-12pm

        Position Details:

          Position: In-Kind Volunteer
          New American Program
          Hours: 2 to 4 hours per week, Tuesdays 1pm to 3pm, Fridays 10am to 12pm
          Location: 15 Lenox Street, Springfield
          Reports to:
          Logistics Assistant

          The community of Western Mass donates home items on regular basis. These items are used to furnish homes for newly arriving refugee families. In-Kind Volunteers assist us in sorting these items, and help to ensure that we can respond quickly to meet the needs of new arrivals. This is a flexible opportunity in terms of time committment, and can be done as a group activity.


            • Able to sort small items including clothing, kitchen items, etc.
            • Able to filter through the donations to assess their condition and make a judgement on their quality for use in a new home
            • Able to compile and organize household items for a newly arriving family
            • Physical ability and stamina to stand, sort, and move items for a 2 hour block of time


            Refugee Medical Advocate

            Refugee Medical Advocates work with families who are in need of help with medical representation, scheduling medical appointments, explaining medical cases to providers, and helping these clients to navigate the U.S. healthcare system. Time Commitment: 2 to 6 hours per week

            Position Details:

              Position: Refugee Medical Advocate
               New American Program
              Hours: 2 to 6 hours per week
              Location: Springfield, Pittsfield

                Responsibilities (General):

                • Accompany clients to medical appointments in order to facilitate cultural understanding
                • Assist with access to language services, and to advocate for client needs with health care providers.  This task may include helping to ensure that clients’ rights to autonomy are respected and personal medical decisions are upheld.
                • Medical advocates also serve as a second set of ears to hear health related information and assist clients with understanding treatment plans, medications, and follow up.
                • Medical advocates help clients to make necessary follow up appointments and to understand the roles of specialty providers
                • Medical advocates will need to have access to reliable transportation.
                • Medical advocates may need to transport clients in their vehicle but in other cases may meet clients at appointments.
                • Time commitment varies based on how many appointments need to be covered.  Volunteers should plan on each appointment lasting 1-3 hours.
                • Volunteers with a background in health science or social services is preferred.

                Medical Advocate Volunteers (Matched Pair):

                • In addition to the general role for volunteer medical advocates, matched pair advocates make an ongoing to commitment to a single client (or family) with consistent need.  For example, pregnant women going to the OB frequently, or someone who has weekly physical therapy. Depending on client needs, the commitment would be could be once or twice a week or a few times a month. 

                  Refugee Youth Mentor

                  Youth Mentor Volunteers are matched with a refugee youth ages 15-24 to build intercultural relationships and help the youth adjust to life in a new country. Time Commitment: 1 to 3 hours per week

                  Position Details:

                  Position: Refugee Youth Mentor
                  Program: Refugee Youth Mentoring Program, New American Program
                  Hours: 1 to 3 hours per week
                  Location: Online Remote, Springfield
                  Reports to:
                  Adult and Youth Learning Specialist

                  The Refugee Youth Mentoring program is a formal mentoring program that matches refugee youth between the ages of 18 to 24 with volunteer mentors in the community to build intercultural relationships and help the youth adjust to life in a new country. In cases where mentees are ages15-17, mentorship activities will take place with the parent or adult designee and the youth. 

                  Matches meet on a weekly basis online or in-person to explore interests, educational and job opportunities, or other goals as the program sees fit. Successful mentors serve as role models, advocates, guides, and supportive friends to young new Americans at a crucial time in their development.


                    • Commit to building a supportive relationship with refugee youth
                    • Connect every week with your mentee for 1-2 hours
                    • Explore resources and make connections in response to mentees interests, goals, and needs
                    • Share community, educational, and career-related resources with mentees
                    • Work with mentee(s) to improve English, as needed
                    • Participate in orientation and training sessions and regular check-in meetings with JFS staff
                    • Complete weekly online log to record time spent with mentee and share stories or concerns
                    • Communicate with program coordinator if any concerns or problems arise

                    Preferred Qualifications:

                    • Previous mentoring experience or a strong interest in serving as a supportive friend and role model in a young person’s life
                    • Experience supporting New American learners
                    • Ability to communicate and empathize with a young person from a different culture
                    • Ability to respond to the interests and concerns of a young person
                    • Proficiency with Zoom, WhatsApp, other online platforms (or willingness to learn!)

                    Soccer Coach Volunteer

                    JFS will run an afterschool soccer program at Emergence Academy Middle School in Springfield from February 20th to June 14th 2024. Emergence Academy provides students with limited or interrupted education with a strong foundational educational experience. The program will be based on the Soccer Without Borders model of using soccer as a vehicle for positive change for newcomer youth by eliminating barriers to participation, providing language and academic support, and building a close community.

                    Commitment: 3 hours per week every Friday the Springfield Public Schools are open (February 20th – June 14th) from 1-4pm. Additional hours during February and April school break if available.

                    Position Details:

                    Position: Soccer Coach Volunteer
                    Program: After-School Soccer Program, New American Program
                    Hours: 3 hours per week on Fridays
                    Location: In-person, Springfield
                    Reports to: Youth Program Coordinator


                      • Commit to building a supportive relationship with refugee and immigrant youth
                      • Assist program coordinator and assistant with running soccer and other team-building activities
                      • Help create welcoming environment where students are able to practice English communication skills, leadership, community building, and physical health
                      • Participate in weekly programming in addition to any volunteer training sessions and check-in meetings with JFS staff
                      • Communicate with program coordinator if any concerns or problems arise

                        Preferred Qualifications:

                        • Previous experience volunteering or working with youth or a strong interest in serving as a supportive role model
                        • Ability to communicate and empathize with a young person from a different culture
                        • Some previous experience with soccer playing or coaching

                          Transportation Support Volunteer

                          Transportation Support Volunteers help refugee families get to important appointments, and complete tasks and follow through on other needs they may have from grocery shopping to attending recreational events. Time Commitment: 2 to 6 hours per week

                          Position Details:

                            Position: Transportation Support Volunteer
                            New American Program
                            Hours: 2 to 6 hours per week, flexible days
                            Location: Springfield, Pittsfield

                            Resettled families arrive with ambition to become independent as soon as possible. Before achieving that goal, the families have no means of transportation other than the JFS staff and the community. As a Transportation Support Volunteer, you can help the family get to important appointments, follow up on different needs they may have including grocery shopping or attending recreational events. You can also become a “Bus-Buddy” and introduce them to the public transportation system, help them learn how to use it, to get from one point to another, and how to access the schedules of PVTA. This is a role that helps the family immensely.  


                              • Access to a driving license and a car
                              • Ability to devote 2-3 hours at time with each trip
                              • Ability to be flexible around time

                              If you choose to become a bus buddy, here is what we’re looking for:

                              • A good understanding of the public transportation system
                              • Ability to communicate with clients through Google Translate or repeating information in different forms of communication
                              • Flexibility to be with the family for a few hours to learn the routes
                              • Ability to have fun on this bus tour!


                              For more information contact 413-737-2601 or email Olga Bauman at o.bauman@jfswm.org.

                              Join us to welcome refugees to Western MA!

                              Since its inception in 1898, JFS has been a nationally recognized leader in refugee resettlement. Refugees add a richness and vibrancy to our community. Our JFS volunteers are at the core of welcoming refugee families and helping them feel at home in Western Massachusetts. 

                              From mentoring newly arrived families, to running in-kind donation drives for a specific family due to arrive, to mentoring a young person, to teaching English and work skills in the classroom – volunteers make resettlement possible at every level. To individual refugees and refugee families, volunteers make a life-changing impact.

                                Volunteering at JFS has been an amazing experience. I am part of a great community and enjoy helping out in any way I can!
                                Monich Long, longtime In-Kind Donations Assistance JFS Volunteer

                                JFS volunteer impact!

                                • 200+ mentoring hours in refugee youth mentoring program 
                                • 400+ hours sorting in kind donations to supply clients with needed items 
                                • 1500+ intern hours 
                                • 800+ hours of language coaching 
                                • Over 150 active volunteers