Staff Directory

JFS Staff are known for their spirit of compassion and caring.

Please feel free to contact a staff member below by sending an email or call 413-737-2601.


Rabbi James Greene Chief Executive Officer
Christine Lorenz MBA Chief Financial Officer
Sara Bedford, MPA Chief Operating Officer
Oksana Christoforakis Senior Accountant
Ellen Mwapaura Grants and Contract Manager
Claudia Ryan Administrative Assistant
Marisol Puente Operations Coordinator
Mary Petrone Human Resources Manager
Lori Friedman, MBA Marketing & Development Coordinator
Ann Battersby Grant Writer

Behavioral Health

Karen Reiniger, LICSW Director of Behavioral Health Services
Mohamoud “Mo” Abdirahman, MSM, MSW, LCSW Assistant Director of Behavioral Health Services
Saad Abduljabbar,M.Ed CAGS Director of Post Resettlement
Dugana Celestin RCM Specialist – Women’s Empowerment and Family Self Sufficiency
Cathy Chandler, LICSW Older Adults Program Director
Jill Goldstein, MSW, LICSW Social Worker/Clinician (Berkshire county)
Adan Abdi RCM Specialist – Housing Advocacy
Tara Adhikari, MS, CSP/IHT Refugee Mental Health, Family Support Specialist
Murouj Ahmed RCM Specialist – Women’s Empowerment and Family Resilience
Yasmin Ahmed, MSW IHT Master’s Level Clinician, Refugee Mental Health
Nasra Ali CSP/IHT Refugee Mental Health, Family Support Specialist
Abdallah Bouhouari RCM Specialist – Individual Self-Sufficiency
Bahati Buzindu RCM Specialist – Individual Self-Sufficiency
Kevin Darjee CSP/IHT Refugee Mental Health, Family Support Specialist
Gelin Delva Family Support Specialist
Jean Paul Gatete,MSW IHT Master’s Level Clinician
Manju Gurung IHT Master’s Level Clinician
Rose Karigirwa IHT Refugee Mental Health
Anju Lamichhane, MSW, MPH IHT Master’s Level Clinician
Mwangaza Makala RCM Specialist – Individual Self-Sufficiency
Yardley Mellon RCM Specialist – Housing Advocacy
Oleksandr Mindrov RCM Specialist – Women’s Empowerment and Family Resilience
Eglal Mohamed CSP/IHTRefugee Mental Health, Family Support Specialist
El mostafa Naciri CSP Administrative Coordinator
Prosper Ndayisaba TT&S

Reeta Rana CSP/IHT Refugee Mental Health, Family Support Specialist
Mohamed Salama, MS, CAGS In-Home Therapy Master’s Level Clinician Refugee Mental Health
Mamoon Sherzai Refugee Case Management Specialist: Women’s Empowerment and Family Resilience
Ahmad Naweed Shirzay Refugee Case Management Specialist: Individual Self-Sufficiency
Nancy Simons, LMHC LMHC In-Home Therapy Master’s Level Clinician/Supervisor Refugee Mental Health
Deborah Stier, PhD Psychologist Outpatient Services
Agnes Umutesi RCM Specialist – Women’s Empowerment and Family Resilience
Sclansky Voltaire RCM Specialist – Housing Advocacy
Salah Zangana RCM Individual Self-Sufficiency

Citizenship & Immigration Services

Robert Radin, MFA Citizenship and Immigration Program Director
Cari Narotsky Immigration Specialist
Kathleen Schindler, MBA Naturalization Specialist

Elder Guardianship  & Conservatorship

Kimberly Hurtado Older Adult Guardianship Program Director
Heidi Curboy Guardianship Case Manager
Tammy Morton Guardianship Case Manager

Jewish Life Enrichment

Rosalind Torrey, MPH Jewish Life Enrichment Program Coordinator

New American Program

Natasha Perales New American Program Director
Alda Balbino Assistant Director of Resettlement
Tatyana Abashina Employment Coordinator
Mohammed Abdulahi Soccer Coach-Program Assistant
Sadadine Adam Health Case Aide
Abrar Ahmed Refugee Women’s Empowerment Specialist
Humam Almafraji Refugee Cash Assistance Program Admin
Reem Al Azzawi Case Aide
Yasir Al Musali Initial Resettlement Case Manager
FikiriAmisi Employment Specialist
Marie Angelides Attorney
Sohrab Babrak Reception & Placement Case Manager
Myla Bauman Ukrainian Integration Specialist
Olga Bauman Community Outreach Coordinator
Jessie Berliner Intensive Case Management Coordinator
Abubakari Bigirimana Reception & Placement Case Manager
Evan Bixby Youth Program Coordinator
Michael Bixler Administrative Assistant
Dugana Celestin RCM Specialist, Women’s Empowerment and Family Self-Sufficiency
Andreia Correia Volunteer Coordinator
Simon Crawford-Muscat Youth Mentoring Specialist
Janelle Crumpton Emergency Repsonse Coordinator
Frenaud Dorilien Housing and Integration Specialist
Alina Dyachenko Resettlement Coordinator
Olena Druzhenko Data Specialist
Nina Echols Donations Assistant
Kevin Gonzalez Figueroa Intensive Case Management Specialist
Georginaud (Gino) Guerrier Shelter Case Manager
Marie Guerrier Case Aide
Sajad Khaleqi Intensive Case Management Specialist
Noorulhaq Kamali Vocational and Job Skills Program Assistant
Erryn Kimberley Refugee Health Educator
Lev Kudriatsev Administrative and NAP Assistant
Marie-Ange Laroche, Paralegal
Peter MacArthur, JD Case Manager/Legal Assistant
Jillian Miller Assistant Director, Refugee Self-Sufficiency
Innocent Miranga Employment Specialist Aide
Fortunator Mkumbo Youth Case Manager – Swahili
Banen Mustafa ESL Teacher, Learning Specialist
Rowanne Mustafa Initial Resettlement Intern
Mastora Nasrati Learning Program Assistant
Christophe Niyibizi Driver
Joana Padilla-Diaz Referral Specialist
Caitlin Rajala Quality Assurance and Program Compliance Manager
Adam Sadadine Health Case Aide
Mir Hashmatullah Saify Employment Specialist
Farana Leemon Samad, MPH Assistant Director for Refugee Integration
Micah Slade Paralegal
Anatoliy Solnyshkin Intensive Case Management Specialist
Nicholas Teller Legal Support Intern
Erin Traniello Soccer Coach-Mentor
Syonara M. Tomoum, MA Learning and Job Skills Coordinator
Zofia Topor Refugee Women’s Health Specialist
Stella Umutoniwase Initial Resettlement Case Manager
Kamila Vashchenko Ukrainian Community Engagement Coordinator
Zakaria Wardak Youth Case Manager

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*Last updated January, 2024.

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JFS staff come from over 20 countries of origin and speak 25 languages. In a project by Madeline Poole BRIDGING WORLDS Stories of Resettlement, Madeline complied stories from six of our JFS staff and one community member. Click here to read their stories, learn how they came to the U.S., and about their lives here.