In the past year, JFS has welcomed over 400 Ukrainian individuals fleeing war, and have heard numerous stories of families having to decide to leave home and seek safety while the war rages on. Families are eager for the war to end, and to be able to return safely.

JFS has provided over $350,000 in housing and food assistance to Ukrainian families. We have helped families enroll in programs to meet their basic needs, we have provided families with a Chromebook so they can stay in touch with their families, contact JFS easily, use online banking and contact their kids teachers easily. Our New American Program Director reflects, “Even a year on, new families arrive weekly. Families have made enormous progress adjusting to their new home, but miss their professions, miss working, and are desperate for their friends and relatives to stay safe back in Ukraine. JFS staff stand with Ukraine during this devastating anniversary, and are remembering all of the loss of the past year as well as all of the wonderful individuals we’ve been lucky to meet and assist.”