Refugee Shabbat, a project of HIAS will take place on February 2-3, 2024. Refugee Shabbat is an invitation for congregations, organizations, and individuals to express their solidarity with the global Jewish movement for refugee protection and welcome. People seeking asylum are being turned away at borders around the world. The number of forcibly displaced people has grown to over 110 million. The growing impact of climate change exacerbates the effects of violence, conflict, and economic instability on already vulnerable populations. This is a critical moment for all of us to reaffirm and redouble our support for refugees, asylum seekers, and the forcibly displaced, and an opportunity to step back, reflect, and celebrate the work we have already done.

How to Participate

JFS Staff members will be honored speakers at three local synagogues. Rabbi James Greene, JFS CEO, will be speaking at the JCA in Amherst; Sara Bedford, JFS COO will be speaking at Temple Beth El in Springfield; and Alina Dyachenko, JFS Resettlement Coordinator, and Zakaria Wardak, JFS Youth Case Manager, will be speaking at Sinai Temple in Springfield